Geocaching for the first time

A list of tips to get you ready

Going Geocaching for the first time? 

The website is the starting point every time you go geocaching. You can select a cache, find the coordinates, search for a hint and share your stories. To prepare to begin your first hunt, we’ve put together a number of tips for you.

Geocaching in eight steps:
1. Make an account on
2. Install a geocaching app on your smartphone, for example, the ‘Geocaching Intro app’, or the 'C:GEO' app for Android phones
3. Choose a cache from the online map
4. Read the description of the cache and follow the instructions
5. Navigate to the cache location
6. Find the container
7. Found! Sign the logbook and place the cache back in the hiding place
8. Register your visit online and share your geocaching stories and photos

What do you need to have to go geocaching?
• A smartphone with a geocaching app and a charged battery
• A pen and paper for making notes
• A pair of tweezers and a mirror can come in handy when searching
• Good hiking shoes and maybe rainwear
• Something to eat and drink during your search

Tip: View the instructional videos on

The best Geocaching apps
Do you have a smartphone, or are you playing for the first time? Download an app. Then, with one device, you can read the cache information, navigate to the coordinates and log the cache. After installation, you can activate the app with your geocaching account.

One of the most complete free geocaching apps for Android phones. Download the free C:Geo app.

Geocaching Intro App
Ideal when you’re going Geocaching for the first time. With this app, you can only play the traditional caches for beginners. There are 3 traditional caches at the Geogame Park. This app is available for Android, iOS and Windows. Download the free Geocaching Intro app.

Geocaching app 
The official Geocaching app from the geocaching organisation, Groundspeak. You can purchase this app for € 8.99. This app is available for Android, iOS and Windows. Download the official Geocaching app.