Garden of Amsterdam GeoTour

The 'Garden of Amsterdam GeoTour' in Gooi & Vecht was the very first official international GeoTour within The Netherlands. 24 traditional geocaches has been concatenated into a multi-day voyage of discovery within possibly the most versatile region in the country. This GeoTour will bring you on an expedition to explore the most special highlights the Gooi & Vecht area has to offer. Ranging from impressive castles and old fortresses to lush green areas, protected nature reserves and picturesque towns. Come and discover the Garden of Amsterdam!


GeoTour is the ultimate geocaching game in which you collect points to fill your personal Geocaching Passport. For every 'treasure' - cache - that you find, you receive 1 point. Furthermore it is possible to collect bonuspoints by having drinks or dinner at café's and restaurants throughout the area, by sleeping at hotels within Gooi & Vecht and by visiting attractions that participate in the Gooi & Vecht GeoTour. You'll receive an official limited edition Gooi & Vecht GeoCoin when you've 'completed' the game and have collected a total of 30 points (or more of course!). 

Have a look at the Garden of Amsterdam GeoTour at and download your official Geocaching Passport for the Garden of Amsterdam GeoTour to get started!