De Vecht in one day

All the beauty that this majestic river has to offer.

The municipality Stichtse Vecht consists of 12 cores, of which Loenen, Breukelen and Maarssen are the most well-known. Stichtse Vecht has a lot to offer for an unforgettable outing for the two of you, or with the family. The river Vecht itself, of course, but also the lovely landscape around it with impressive estates and castles. You begin your journey of discovery in Loenen on the Vecht, where you get on board a whisper-silent salon boat from the operator Vonk. The boat sails with a minimum of 8 passengers.
From Loenen, you get a view of the water side of estates and castles. Here are there, there are also still teahouses to admire. The final destination is Maarssen; the boat unloads across from the Landgoed Goudestein (Goudestein Estate). On the quay, bikes are waiting, also from operator Vonk. Nearby Goudestein you'll find the Vechtstreekmuseum. In this museum you will also find a Tourist Information Point (VVV).

From Maarssen, you can bike at your leisure back to Loenen. You can request a lunch packet in advance, but there are also enough pleasant spots along the route where there are delicious lunches available. In Oud Zuilen, on the Vecht, lies, for example, Restaurant Belle. The terrace on the front looks out over the Vecht; and the back, the terrace borders the gardens of the middle-ages castle Slot Zuylen. Thus you can combine your lunch with a visit to the castle museum. On the weekends, there are also tours given. At the end of the day, you deliver your bike back to the operator. And if you want to spend more days in this lovely region, there are many options for spending the night in the area. Camping is possible at Fort Spion, just outside Loenen. This fort is part of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterline and was built between 1845 and 1847. Around Fort Spion, there’s a small camping terrain (10 places); sanitation is available in the main building. Spending the night is also possible in the depot and in the bomb-proof guardhouse. Of course, there are also in the area, fine hotels and attractively located Bed & Breakfast locations.

Practical Information:

Rederij Vonk (for reservations) : Rijkstraatweg 11, Nieuwersluis, tel. +31 (0)294 237403,
Restaurant Belle in Zuilen : Dorpsstraat 12, Oud Zuilen, tel. +31 (0)30 2441790