Counting sheep in Blaricum

The picturesque town of Blaricum has a long history with many famous artists and painters,. For centuries creatives have come to Blaricum to work in the midst of and be inspired by nature. It's the perfect place to spend a lovely afternoon during your visit to Gooi & Vecht. 

Sheep pen and heathlands

Park your car at the Tafelberg parking lot. At 36,4 meters this is actually the highest point in the Gooi! From here you can have a lovely stroll across the Tafelberg-heathland and visit the sheep pen, which is located within short walking distance of the parking lot. The sheep pen is under surveillance of the Goois Natuurreservaat (Gooi Nature Reserve). You have the best chances of catching the sheep in the pen early in the morning or at the end of the afternoon. Between 8am and 4pm the sheep graze the surrounding heathland. There is a specialised guide on site on Sundays between 2pm and 4 pm if you'd like to have more information about the sheep pen and heathlands.  

Have a break

Café-restaurant De Tafelberg provides a perfect spot to have a break after your walk. Even in wintertime the beautiful terrace with loungeareas is very popular. The restaurant is open seven days a week between 9am and 11pm for breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner.

Historical village centre

From café-restaurant De Tafelberg it's afifteen minute walk to the center of Blaricum. The old farms in the heart of the town remind us of the important role agriculture once had here. At the very heart of Blaricum you'll find IJssalon De Hoop (ice-cream parlour), which is a true institution in the Gooi & Vecht area! With over 70 years of experience and more than 40 flavours this place is a paradise for ice-cream lovers. Please do keep in account that you have to be a little patient when visiting De Hoop on a warm day, they que can get quite long, but believe us when we say it's well worth the wait. IJssalon De Hoop is open from March 1 until the end of October.

Wine and dine

Furthermore there are several amazing restaurants located in the heart of Blaricum. For Italian cuisine you can't miss Trattoria da Bruno, for Asian cuisine The Red Sun is a must visit. Especially The Red Sun is popular among the rich and famous. Both restaurants are closed on Mondays. If you are looking for a more lowkey establishment (with a more affordable price point), then eetcafé Moeke Spijkstra is te place to go. Moeke Spijkstra is really well-known throughout the Gooi and the vrijdagmiddagborrel (drinks on Friday afternoon, to celebrate the start of the weekend) is legendary at this place.

Practical Information

Restaurant De Tafelberg:  Oude Naarderweg 2, Blaricum - (035) 538 39 75
This is also where you can park your car
IJssalon De Hoop:  Huizerweg 10, Blaricum - (035) 538 34 90 
Trattoria Da Bruno:  Huizerweg 1, Blaricum - (035) 531 56 93 
Restaurant The Red Sun:  Huizerweg 3, Blaricum - (035) 533 69 96 
Eetcafé Moeke Spijkstra:  Torenlaan 10, Blaricum - (035) 538 22 61