Newly founded, but with a rich history

With its many lakes, moors, forests, waterways and meadows, Wijderneren truely is a unique part of Holland. The municipality consists of the villages of Ankeveen, Breukeleveen, ’s-Graveland, Loosdrecht en Nederhorst den Berg. The magnificent estates surrounded by lush forests are typical of this area. Wealthy Amsterdam business people had their country houses built here in the 17th century. Later they expanded their gardens into parks with long lanes and ponds. The organization for nature preservation called Natuurmonumenten is now the owner of most of these estates which have held their grandeur.

Hiking and biking can be done everywhere in Wijdemeren. Water sports enthusiasts can really endulge themselves here, for each village has its own lakes. Some of Holland’s best diving spots can be found at the Spiegelplas and the Blijkpolderplas. West of the villages of Ankeveen and Kortenhoef you will find the Ankeveense and Kortenhoefse Plassen (Ankeveen and Kortenhoef Lakes).These Lakes are protected areas, and you can only explore them by booking a boat trip at Natuurmonumenten. A professional guide will take you along the most beautiful waterways, meadows and moors. Or just rent a canoe and explore one of the other lakes by yourself. Most of them also have nice beaches to enjoy.

The European Union has declared part of the Vechtplassen (Vecht Lakes) to be one of Europe’s most important nature reserves. These Natura 2000-areas harbour very special plant and animal species. It goes without saying that clear water is of vital importance to this area. And that also holds for the people sailing and swimming here.