The Gooi area’s most ancient fortified town

The fortified town of Naarden is the Gooi area’s most ancient town and also one of Holland’s most precious cultural monuments. If you want to find out more about this town’s turbulent history, you must pay a visit to the Dutch Fortress Museum. But there is more to explore in Naarden. The Grand Church or Saint Vitus Church is known not only for its impressive ceiling paintings, but also for its yearly performance of the Matthäus Passion. Climb the church tower, or take a walking tour across the town. The town hall (1601) is a typical example of Dutch Renaissance building. Find out all about Comenius in the Comenius Museum. In 2012 the new scales museum will open its doors te the public. 
Naarden also has the Naardermeer (Naarden Lake), one of Holland’s first nature reserves. The Arsenaal (an old arsenal), owned by the famous furniture designer Jan des Bouvrie, the many antique shops and a number of national events have given Naarden its reputation as a lifestyle and antique town. As it comes to restaurants, Naarden boasts a wide range of options.

Explore Naarden from a classic ship. It is big fun for everyone, and you will get to know the town from a completely different point of view!

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