Harbour of the Gooi area

Huizen has in recent years developed into a modern town boardering the Gooimeer (Gooi Lake), with several marinas and a lively center with all sorts of shops. Huizen’s harbour opens up the region. Here you will come across beautiful flat boats, some of them over a 100 years old. The ancient harbour and the marinas are attracting more tourists every year. Other options for an afternoon of fun are karting or lasergaming. The Huizen Harbour is a junction of regional hiking and biking tours through heathlands and forests. Children can go for a safe dip in the shallow waters of the Gooimeer (Gooi Lake), and there are several nice beaches to visit like Gooiershoofd and Zomerkade. If you are in for some interesting architecture, visit the medieval Dutch Reformed Church in the town center. The church is surrounded by 17th century farmhouses. Famous architects from the Amsterdam School like De Bazel, Th. Rueter and the Huizen master builder Jan Rebel built houses in the Bikbergen and the Stukken residential areas. Find out all about Huizen’s touristic information and events at