True Gooi heritage

And one of Holland's most beautiful villages

The village of Blaricum is a true oasis in the hectic metropolitan area connecting Amsterdam, Utrecht and Amersfoort. It is close to Laren and Eemnes, and bordered bij water and beautiful landscapes. Just outside Blaricum you will find lovely heathlands and forests. The ancient farmhouses in the village center remind you of times when farming was the main source of income here. Meanwhile the magnificent residences are proof of a rich history. 

Beautiful nature and great food!

Many of national and renown found their inspiration here. The Goois Natuurreservaat (Gooi Organization for Nature Preservation) owns some forty grounds in the municipalities of Blaricum, Bussum, Huizen, Laren, Hilversum and Naarden. As a result of this, all heathlands and almost all forests in the area are under this organization’s supervision. A finely woven web of paths enables both hikers and bikers to explore even its most remote corners. Or discover the nicest spots on horseback or by coach. Enjoy the panoramic views while taking a rest on one of the many wooden benches. The recreational area of Stichtse Brug offers the perfect beach for surfers, swimmers and sun-worshippers. It is guarded by a rescue team. Water-skiing is possible between the Hollandse Brug (north side) and Almere-Haven. Jet-skiing is not allowed in this area. If you are in for a top culinary experience, Blaricum has a lot to offer: one of Holland’s best ice cream parlours can be found here, as well as the best Asian food, a very nice local pub and some top restaurants.